Skin Moisture Tester Digital Display Facial Skin Moisture Oil Analyzer
Effectively detect your current skin dehydration condition. By testing the absorption effect after applying cosmetics, you can analyze which product is suitable for your skin. The high sensitivity probe provides higher accuracy of skin moisture, temperature, skin oil and elasticity....
$150.00 $135.00
Microcurrent Facial Massager Nutritional Penetration Rejuvenation Beauty Device
Feature Four-in-one multi-functional facial care device 1.Spray particle essence function: The button mode automatic spray turns the nutrient liquid into nano-sized particles, and evenly sprays on the skin. The finer the nutrient solution is, the better the skin is created....
$198.00 $165.00
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Blue Light Plasma Pen Scar Removal Device
Features 1. 5 levels can be adjusted, for different skin types. 2. Automatically shut down after 10 minutes. 3. Principle:producing high frequency voltage to oxidize oxygen,in order to produce ozone. Achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory acne. 4. Ozone plasma - efficient penetration.Help the active...
$240.00 $185.00
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Silicone Lip Plumper Device Electric Plumping Enhancer Thicker
💋 ▲【BEAUTY YOUR LIP NATURALLY】 We really know what you want, if you girls think yourselves lips are too thin and can't stand up the pain of lip operation, our lip plumper device help you solve this trouble. This method...
$180.00 $160.00
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Infrared Therapy Facial RF Radio Frequency Massager
Features 1. 500KHz electromagnetic RF energy activates the collagen re-generation, reducing wrinkles and lifting the skin. 2. Tightens and lifts lose skin, perfects the facial contour. 3.The thermal effect improves micro- circulation, accelerates the metabolism, keeps skin smooth, elastic and glossy....
$205.00 $167.00
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Skin Deep Hydration Care Water Mesotherapy Injector Device
Feature 1.Nanoscale needles can make anti aging products go into the deep skin without damaging skin, no side effect, safe to use. 2. Deep replenishment and rich nourishment, strengthen skin to absorb beauty product. 3. Nanoscale needles increase collagen levels...
$225.00 $175.00
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Infrared Heating Facial Machine Device Face Skin Care
Function Increase skin elascity Deep moisturizing Skin tightening Skin lifting Anti wrinkle Dilute the spot, and whitening Feature 1.Red Light: 625±3nm (8LEDS) ① Penetrating 8-10mm is suitable for any type of skin ② Reach derma to stimulate fibre cells.The mild wavelength is...
$205.00 $175.00
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Facial Cold Hot Steamer Mist Sprayer Machine
Function  1. Ion hot steam: Sterilization anti-inflammatory and whitening. ① Promotes the regeneration of collagen in the skin, activates the moisturizing factor of the skin, and makes the skin more delicate and smooth. ② Prevent skin diseases and inflammation and make...
$225.00 $177.00
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Chin V-Line Up Lift Belt Machine Photon Therapy Device
Feature 1. 48 pieces LED light,effective LED light therapy 2. Three main working modes:red-blue light intermittent alternating vibration mode, red-blue light continuous alternating vibration mode, and blue light static irradiation mode. 3. Intelligent remote control design, simple and convenient for...
$216.00 $177.00
Skin Firming Massager Skin Care Machine Blue Red Photon
Feature 1. Elegant appearance, small and delicate, easy using and easy carting. 2. Two working modes: Nutrition leading-in and impurity leading-out. 3. Grip the part of chrome handle and touch the roller/ball with another hand that it can be forming...
$192.00 $162.00
Facial Care Beauty Spray Machine
 Feature: 1.Using high-pressure air pump technology, it can extract part of the oxygen in the air, compress a large amount of active factors in oxygen, convert the skin care essence into a small spray, evenly spray on the face, 2.Saving...
$215.00 $176.00
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