What to do with enlarged pores


Thick pores are the culprit that makes the skin look rough, and to make matters worse, sometimes they grow acne and turn into a strawberry face, as if the face cannot be washed clean. Everyone has pores, but why is it that other people's faces are slippery and tight, while their own faces are like rough orange peels?

Three major culprits of enlarged pores

In addition to genetic differences that determine the size of your natural pores, the amount of oil secretion is also one of the reasons. Generally, the skin with strong oil secretion tends to enlarge the pores; in addition, those with slow keratin metabolism may also easily accumulate keratin in the pore openings, which will also enlarge the pores.

Regardless of the skin type, the T-shaped area, forehead, nose, and both sides of the nose are all areas with more sebaceous glands, which are also areas where the pores look more obvious. To improve the problem of large pores, special care for these areas is very important. important.

In addition to oil, aging damage will cause the skin to become loose, collagen loss, and pores will gradually become larger due to looseness and pulling. The biggest difference between congenital and acquired aging pores is that the former feels larger and the middle keratin is accumulated more, which looks like a perfect circle, but the latter will become oval after being pulled, and the middle keratin accumulation is less visible .

For the problem of large pores, in addition to basic maintenance, a new generation of facial steamer and ultrasonic device are the most popular choices recently. In addition to using A acid to improve large pores, other medical and aesthetic treatments include physical and chemical skin resurfacing, pulsed light, and soft skin lasers, etc., all have the improvement effect; in addition, the effective ingredients are introduced through ultrasound, It can also strengthen the absorption effect of skin care products, gradually improve the problem of large pores, and feel comfortable when doing it, and it will not feel like a'treatment'.

Large pores Q+A

   Even though the pores are still enlarged even if they take care of them frequently? To solve the problem effectively, you must first understand

  Q1: Is it necessary to wash your face frequently for enlarged pores caused by strong oil secretion?

  A1: Many people will wash their faces desperately because their faces are prone to oil. In fact, this is wrong! The skin has the ability to protect itself. When you clean too much to take away the oil, the skin will secrete more oil to protect it. If you really feel that your face is oily and uncomfortable, don't wash your face too often. You can use absorbent tissue or just wash your face with water.

  Q2: Can removing acne make pores smaller?

  A2: When the pores have acne, they will enlarge the pores. Proper removal of acne will help to shrink the pores. However, if only the obstruction is removed and there is no follow-up treatment, the pores may be shaped after a long time. Therefore, after plucking the acne, you must do skin astringency. For example, use astringent lotion or aloe vera gel, etc., in addition to astringent, but also Calms and relieves inflammation after plucking acne.

Whether it is an acne removal machine or an acne mask, you can see short-term effects before using it on important occasions, but it is not recommended to use it frequently in daily maintenance. After all, external force is used to remove the acne, which will increase the damage and inflammation of the skin around the pores. Opportunity.

  Q3: How to remove acne without causing skin inflammation?

  A3: The most taboo for acne is crowding. Improper removal of acne can cause skin inflammation. You can use some exclusive skin care products or equipment to remove acne. Try not to squeeze it with your hands, because there are many bacteria hidden in your hands, so squeezing it with your hands cannot prevent the wound from being infected. If you use beauty tools (such as youth sticks), you must also disinfect them with alcohol before using them.

  Q4: Does astringent lotion really reduce pores?

A4: Alcohol is an important ingredient of astringent lotion. Alcohol has a shrinking effect and can make the pores look smaller. After the skin is coated with alcohol, the secretion of sebaceous glands will be reduced, and the amount of oil will be less relative to the pores. a little. But it is only temporary for the maintenance of convergence and oil control. Simply using astringent lotion will not reduce pores.

  Q5: Will the makeup products used to modify the pores block the pores?

  A5: Whether it is general makeup products or base makeup products used to modify pores, the steps of makeup removal and face washing must be strengthened. These products may use finer powder to cover the pores, or use the principle of light reflection to make the pores look smaller. As long as they are used, they must be removed and washed thoroughly, otherwise they will block the dirt in the pores for a long time. .

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