Three points for choosing whitening products


Many people don't know that too much seeking for short and quick whitening effects is harmful to the skin.

Generally speaking, whitening cosmetics work in three aspects: one is to block ultraviolet rays, the other is to restore melanin, and the third is to block the production of melanin. In addition, when the skin is young, the amount of melanin is relatively small, and the activity level is not high. Therefore, after many young girls are exposed to the sun, even if some skin redness or sunburn appears on the skin, they will disappear quickly, but in middle age Later, since the production of melanin itself will be more, the reversibility of the skin will become worse at this time. Therefore, for women of different ages, blocking the production of melanin is an important channel for whitening.

 Three points you must know when choosing whitening products!

Sunscreen--young consumers use whitening products that have sunscreen effects and block ultraviolet rays. Girls under 25 must do sunscreen work to make their skin white and flawless.

Melanin--consumers who produce melanin and older consumers should choose whitening products that can block melanin, such as SK-II, OLAY and other nutritional cosmetics, which are more effective in reducing and diminishing melanin, so they are 25 Those over the age of this kind of cosmetics are right!

Moisturizing--when choosing whitening products, you must also pay attention to the moisturizing effect of cosmetics. Because the whitening process is also the process of skin renewal and cleansing, and removing the aging stratum corneum will make the skin dry, and dry skin is prone to melanin, so it is necessary to supplement nutrition and moisture in time. Beauty experts tell us that filling the skin with moisture is also an effective way to effectively resist UV rays!


  • Posted on by Arlene R

    I have not reached 25 years old, but my skin is not very good, some are dark and I am very allergic, what should I do?

  • Posted on by Sheila J
    Oh, I think basic care is the most important thing. If the basics are not done well, the skin problems will not be what you think. Any problems will come out, and people will get older faster.

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