The picture tells you what kind of hairstyle suits your face shape


I always feel that I'm not perfect, and hope to be more beautiful and cute? Maybe you haven't discovered the potential of your little bangs. In fact, every girl with any face shape can find a bangs that is both beautiful and can hide shortcomings. What is your best solution? The answer is here.

●Inverted triangle & diamond face

Inverted triangle & diamond face Hairstyle

The short soft bangs quietly subdued on the forehead, making the sharp chin that gave a harsh impression noble and delicate.   

  √√ For girls with narrower foreheads, cut the bangs as short as possible, and make a jagged effect, exposing a concealed forehead.

  √ If you are really reluctant to cut your bangs, you can back your hair on both sides behind your ears and let the ends of your hair rise slightly to make your chin look plump.

  √√The short and oblique bangs are suitable for the inverted triangle face with a wide forehead. Use some lotion to make the hair soft and fit. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to adjust it to an orderly and dynamic shape.

●Round face

Round face Hairstytle Bangs

√√ Partially divided and layered hair curtains can make the face look slender, and it is best to naturally connect with the hair on both sides to create an elegant drooping feeling.

  √ is short and variable. If you have short hair or a haircut that is not suitable for partial haircuts, you may wish to trim the hair curtain very short to make the width a little narrower, or cut out an oblique or upward curved arc.

  ╳ The neat bangs pressed on the eyebrows make the round face never escape the childishness. At the same time, the horizontal lines are emphasized to make the face shorter.

●Long face

long face hairstyle bangs

The bangs that cover the forehead with a dynamic feeling shorten the length of the face by 1/3, making the face look full and round.   

  √√The large messy bangs from the highest point of the head to the eyebrows can make the slightly serious long face look cute and cute.

  √ If you have long hair or like doll-like bangs, make the bangs as wide as possible and the length should cover the eyebrows.

  ╳ has always been referred to as the oblique bangs of the "fascinating" because it will expose the high hairline and increase the vertical lines, which is regarded as a taboo for a long face.

 ●Square face & wide jaw

Square face wide jaw hairstyle  bangs

The top is as fluffy as possible, and there are partial curtains with naturally curved hair tips, which will ease the hard contours of the square face.   

  √√ Naturally curved hair tips are the best way to modify a square silhouette. First, use the side bangs to lengthen the face, and pay attention to the layers of the hair tips and the layers of the side hair to blend without showing any traces.

√The kind of long and broken bangs suitable for a long face can also be used on a square face. The difference is that to narrow the width of the bangs, the hair on both sides should also be gathered inward to make the whole face look Narrowed.

  ╳ Qi bangs hanging over the eyebrows are like drawing a small square in a large square, but the area is a little smaller, which will strengthen the rigidity of the square face.

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