Questions and answers about hair removal in summer

A: If you use ointment to remove hair, we recommend applying the ointment before bathing, then shave the hair while bathing, and rinse the skin; if you use an electric epilator, we recommend it after bathing, because the skin at this time It is very clean and the epidermis is expanded. Through the high-speed rotation of the epilator gear, the hair is easier to be pulled up by the roots, so as to achieve the best effect; while the wet and dry shaver is different, it is better to use in the bath. Comfortable. Of course, this also varies with personal habits.

Q: Does depilation accelerate hair growth?

A: Of course not. Although the hair seems to grow faster after depilation, this is just an illusion. Besides, if the hair is pulled up by the roots, after a period of time, the regenerated hair will only become softer, and there will be no way to accelerate the growth of the hair.

Q: What kind of skin care should be taken before and after hair removal?

A: Before beeswax depilation, clean the area to be depilated, or use a small amount of talcum powder to absorb the oil on the skin surface to enhance the adhesion of the wax; after depilation, apply anti-hair gel or anti-hair essence. Hair removal at home should keep the skin clean to avoid folliculitis. Clean and lubricate the skin before depilation, and apply some lotion to moisturize the skin after depilation.

Q: When is it inappropriate to remove hair?

A: When waking up in the morning, the skin is often puffy. Before and during menstruation, women are more sensitive to pain and have unstable skin, so they should try to avoid hair loss. In addition, patients with diabetes, scurvy, skin diseases and varicose veins are not suitable for hair removal.

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