Nine precautions against bags under the eyes

1. The skin around the eyes is extremely weak, make-up or remove makeup, the movement should be gentle, do not pull the skin hard.

2. When drawing eyeliner, do not pull the eyelid as the principle, for convenience, you can use dry powder puff gently press on the surface to stabilize the position of the hand, which is not easy to draw the wrong position.

3. When washing your face, it is better to wash the skin around your eyes with cotton than with rough towels.

4. When wearing contact lenses, do not pull down the eyelids, if you want to easily wear lenses, you can gently pull up the eyelids.

5. Don't form the bad habit of wiping, squinting and blinking; wear sunglasses when the sun is strong.

6. Avoid losing weight, dieting, resulting in malnutrition or sudden weight loss, because rapid changes in fat will affect skin elasticity.

7. Drink more water every day, at least eight cups, especially when you get up in the morning, but not too much water in the evening.

8. Apply eye cream in the morning and evening, use eye Gel, with firming effect in the morning and moisturizing eye cream that can replenish moisture in the evening.

9. Apply special makeup remover for eye makeup remover.

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