Nine makeup tips


1. A foundation that sticks to the skin   

A foundation that sticks to the skin can make excellent makeup more perfect. The method is very simple. You only need to put the slightly damp makeup sponge in the refrigerator. After a few minutes, pat the ice-cold sponge on the foundation. The skin will feel very fresh and the makeup will also look very fresh.

2, refreshing eye drops   

Drinking alcohol or lack of eye sleep can make your eyes look very tired and bloodshot. You can put one or two drops of eye drops that have the effect of relieving fatigue to relieve the congestion and rupture of the eye capillaries. However, the more eye drops, the better, too much may cause adverse effects.

3, useful eyebrow powder   

If you always feel that the hand holding the eyebrow pencil doesn't let it go, you can't draw satisfactory eyebrows. Try a new one: use eyebrow pencil to apply color on your arm, use eyebrow brush to dip the color, and evenly sweep it on your eyebrows. You will be pleasantly surprised to get a more natural and soft makeup effect.

4, cold towel   

Red and swollen eyes and bulging eye bags make you look listless. Don't panic. Put a cold towel and a hot towel on your eyes alternately for more than 10 minutes, and then use an ice towel for a while, and your tired eyes will regain their look.

5. Put a small mirror flat on the table   

Drawing detailed eyeliner may be a big problem for you, but it is not difficult. What you have to do is to put your elbows in a fixed place, such as your dressing table, and place a small mirror on the table with your eyes facing down. Looking into the mirror, you can draw your eyeliner with confidence.

6, white eyeliner   

The eyes are the window of the soul. The large and bright eyes often leave a deep impression on people. You can try to draw the lower eyeliner with a white eyeliner to make a pair of eyes appear bigger and bigger.

7, spray moisturizing water   

After making up, spray moisturizing water on the face from the distance of one arm away from the face to make the makeup more durable.

8. Makeup tools must be kept clean

Mild shampoo can be used to clean makeup brushes. A small amount of conditioner can also make the bristles soft; dilute the detergent with warm water to clean the old eyebrow brushes. The best way to quickly restore the original appearance of the eyebrow brush.

9. Wearing glasses will affect your makeup effect

If you are wearing nearsighted glasses, the lenses will enlarge your eyes and make up. At this time, you are suitable for choosing a color that is biased towards dumb eyes; wearing hyperopic glasses will make your eyes appear small and suitable First and bright colors, in addition, layered eyeshadow and neat brow shape can effectively modify the face.

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