Causes of enlarged pores and how to improve


With the rapid development of medical cosmetology technology, people who love beauty have increasingly strict requirements for "face". Not only are acquired wrinkles and spots quickly removed, but even the pores that are inherently part of the body can be hidden. Now.

The pore is the outlet of the hair. The oil secreted by the sebaceous glands is transported to the surface through the pores to moisturize the skin. The pores are generally 0.1 to 0.2 mm in size, and there is no correct standard. Whether they are large or not depends on subjective judgment.

Is also very difficult to deal with because of the inseparable relationship between large pores and skin structure. If we want to deal with this powerful enemy, we must know ourselves and the enemy.

There are many reasons for large pores

Observing that the face of the little baby is as delicate as a peach and no pores can be seen. Why are the pores exposed after they grow up?

reasons include:

Constitution: Adolescence is affected by hormones, the sebaceous glands become larger, the amount of oil secreted is strong, and the pores are enlarged, just like the increase in oil field production, the tubing will become thicker, usually with T-shaped pores, such as between the eyebrows, forehead, and nose Wait. Males have larger pores because they secrete more male hormones than females.

And if the male hormone receptors in the skin are particularly sensitive, even after puberty, the oil is still secreted vigorously and the pores are difficult to recover.

Acne obstruction: When the stratum corneum is over-proliferated and the metabolism is abnormal, it will block the pores and become acne, which will enlarge the pores. Acne can also cause chronic inflammation of the deep pores, which can deteriorate into acne.

Excessive skin irritation and inflammation: Improper exfoliation and squeezing of acne can cause fibrosis of the skin near the pores due to injury, forming small pits and pigmentation, making the pores more visible.

Aging: When the connective tissues of the skin around the pores are loose and the supporting force is insufficient, the pores will appear thick and have a drooping oval shape.

Healthy skin can improve pores

People who desire fine skin, all want to have a magical skin care product that will make the pores invisible permanently when wiped on, but skin care products can only solve the surface problem, whether it is exfoliating or plucking acne, it only temporarily reduces pores. Even pharmaceutical grade A acid has to be rubbed for 5-10 years to reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands and reduce pores.

In addition to smearing from the outside, it is also necessary to regulate the inside. Don't stay up late, work normally, eat less spicy, fried and other high-calorie foods to relieve stress in a timely manner, so as not to stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands and make pores larger and more serious.

It is very difficult to reduce pores by skin care products, but proper maintenance procedures can still slow down the deterioration:

Cleaning: Make-up people must remove clean, sunscreen with concealer effect should also be removed, and oily skin people should avoid using cosmetic oil to remove makeup, mineral oil components are easy to block pores, more suitable for dry skin. Even if you have oily skin, washing your face three or four times a day is enough. Remember to moisturize after cleansing, otherwise the skin will be too dry and will produce more oil or become oily and dry inside.

Many people are used to applying lotion after washing their face to shrink pores, but they don’t know that astringent lotion can lower the skin temperature and shrink the pores temporarily, at most, for a few hours. And astringent lotion contains a high proportion of alcohol and alcohol, which is easy to dry the skin and is not suitable for medium-dry and sensitive skin.

Moisturizing: Choose the maintenance ingredients that can make the skin keratin metabolism better, such as acid and salicylic acid, both of which can accelerate the shedding of old dead keratin and improve pore clogging. Salicylic acid is less irritating and fat-soluble. It is easier to enter the pores. It is suitable for people with acne, solidified sebum accumulation and sensitive skin.

The effect of fruit acid and salicylic acid will be felt after about two or three months. The concentration should be between 5% and 10% (if more than that is listed as a medicine), less than 3% will not promote keratin metabolism. You can judge from the label when purchasing .

A acid that belongs to the scope of medicines can remove excessive keratinization of deep pores, stimulate collagen regeneration, improve scars, increase skin elasticity, and improve large pores due to aging. A acid has strong photosensitivity, so it must be sunscreened at the same time, and it may cause red itching, tingling and peeling. It should be used according to the doctor's instructions.

If the pores are of aging type, it is best to use antioxidant skin care products to slow down the aging speed, such as vitamin A, C, E, tea polyphenols, etc.  

Mask: The main ingredient is kaolin and natural mud mud paste mask, which can absorb oil, exfoliate keratin, and improve acne. Oily skin can be used once in 1 to 2 weeks, and sensitive skin can be used once in 2 to 4 weeks. As for the plucking-out acne patch, which is convenient to use but will damage the skin around the pores, it is better to use a gentle exfoliation method.

People who are accustomed to doing facial skin care regularly and using clips to clamp acne should beware of improper operation, which may cause allergies, worsen acne, and skin injuries.

Makeup: For people with oily or acne-prone skin, their pores are prone to clogging. They should choose cosmetics that do not contain acne-causing ingredients, or mineral powder make-ups without added oils, preservatives, and fragrances. A barrier cream without sunscreen function will only increase the absorption power of make-up, but will also absorb dirt, which will increase acne. It is better to switch to a refreshing sunscreen lotion.

As for concealer products that seek to make pores invisible, they use light refraction effects to reduce the gap between the pores and the surrounding normal skin. The powder particles are larger than the pores, so you don't need to worry about clogging as long as you remove makeup thoroughly.

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