• Nine makeup tips

    1. A foundation that sticks to the skin   A foundation that sticks to the skin can make excellent makeup more perfect. The method is very simple. You only need to put the slightly damp makeup sponge in the refrigerator. After a few minutes, pat the ice-cold sponge on the foundation. The skin will feel very fresh and the makeup will also look very fresh.2,...
  • Nine precautions against bags under the eyes

    1. The skin around the eyes is extremely weak, make-up or remove makeup, the movement should be gentle, do not pull the skin hard.2. When drawing eyeliner, do not pull the eyelid as the principle, for convenience, you can use dry powder puff gently press on the surface to stabilize the position of the hand, which is not easy to draw the wrong position.3....
  • Three points for choosing whitening products

    Generally speaking, whitening cosmetics work in three aspects: one is to block ultraviolet rays, the other is to restore melanin, and the third is to block the production of melanin. In addition, when the skin is young, the amount of melanin is relatively small, and the activity level is not high. Therefore, after many young girls are exposed to the sun, even if some...
  • The picture tells you what kind of hairstyle suits your face shape

    I always feel that I'm not perfect, and hope to be more beautiful and cute? Maybe you haven't discovered the potential of your little bangs. In fact, every girl with a face shape can find a bangs that is both beautiful and can hide shortcomings. What is your best solution? The answer is here.  
  • Causes of enlarged pores and how to improve

    People who desire fine skin, all want to have a magical skin care product that will make the pores invisible permanently when wiped on, but skin care products can only solve the surface problem, whether it is exfoliating or plucking acne, it only temporarily reduces pores.
  • Questions and answers about hair removal in summer

    A: If you use ointment to remove hair, we recommend applying the ointment before bathing, then shave the hair while bathing, and rinse the skin; if you use an electric epilator, we recommend it after bathing, because the skin at this time It is very clean and the epidermis is expanded. Through the high-speed rotation of the epilator gear, the hair is easier to...
  • What to do with enlarged pores

    Thick pores are the culprit that makes the skin look rough, and to make matters worse, sometimes they grow acne and turn into a strawberry face, as if the face cannot be washed clean. Everyone has pores, but why is it that other people's faces are slippery and tight, while their own faces are like rough orange peels?  
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